Programmer / Doughnut Enthusiast / Cyclist
I enjoy good code, good food, and even the worst bike rides. I'm currently a Toronto-based spatial developer writing applications for the energy industry.
Design / Code / Optimize
I'm the lead developer on a suite of products to identify and manage risk for pipelines. Our applications range from customized GIS analysis tools to web applications for managing biennial risk calculations. I primarily code in C#, Python and JavaScript, and work with both Oracle and SqlServer databases.
Fun Times
Eat / Run / Roll for Initiative
When I'm not at the keyboard, I enjoy food — both the great things Toronto has to offer and cooking myself. I also like to go biking or running, as weather allows, and playing board games when it does not.
About Me
Origins / Education / Location
I grew up in Maine and moved to Canada for my undergraduate at McGill Unversity (BSc Computer Science 2009), stuck around for a masters at the Unversity of Waterloo (MMath Combinatorics and Optimization 2010). I'm now a Canadian permanent resident living in Toronto with a retired racing greyhound.
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John Lincoln White
Toronto Ontario
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